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What’s hot? What’s fresh? What’s new? What’s now? Scott knows the latest sensations in the world of promotions. Check out the latest promotional items below. Don’t see something that wows you? Let Scott cook up something special, just for your brand.

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31_button winetool_button deviceholder_button



Add some color to your brand with a wide array of fingernail polishes.


Open bottles as well as relationships with this clever multi-tool.

Device Holder

Hold on to prospects and customers with this functional item.

tabpad_button 31highlight_button dogbone_button



This notebook fits in the palm of your hand and comes with an array of post-it flags.


With convenient clips and ample brand space, these highllighters do nothing if not stand out.

Dog Bone

Is it a tennis ball? A dog bone? It's BOTH, and gives your prospects a brand to sink their teeth into!

Fun Toys Travel Alarm Clock Flip Calendar

Stress Relief

Okay Relax! These crazy fun toys are sure to send your stress away.

Travel Alarm Clock

Remind your favorite traveler about your business while helping them keep appointments.

Flip Calendar

This tent-style calendar features the recipient's name and your business each month.

Filtered Water Light Up Ring Postcard

Water Bottle

Filter your water on-the-go ... this stainless steel water bottle comes with a carbon filter.

Stubby Flashlight

Help your clients find their way to success with this mini but mighty flashlight. Lanyard included.


Get the word out on your brand every time your client answers the phone.

Obama USB Light Up Ring Postcard

Custom Flash Drive

Thrill your clients with a fun way to save documents. Can be customized with logo, photo and more.

Light Up Ring

Give your next party a little flash with a light-up ring. Available in multiple colors and custom shapes.

Postcard & Magnet

Looking for a way to leave a lasting impression? Use this colorful postcard with informational magnet.




File Organizer

Heavy-duty container perfect for presentations and orientation kits.

Vitamin Gum

Nutrient-enhanced chewing gum for added health (and branding).

Elephant Poo Paper

100% recycled and odorless notebook made from elephant poo.

animal_pens adopt_thumb crayon_thumb

Animal Pens

Light-up and noise-making pens, too cute to put down.

Eco-friendly Folder

100% recycled folder supports your message as well as the earth.

Fun Crayon

Uniquely-designed crayon has 5 colors in 1.