Make a bigger impact
at your direct sales events

Direct sellers like you need to electrify your customers. It doesn’t matter whether you sell cosmetics, wellness products, clothing, home décor, kitchen products, jewelry, scrapbooking supplies … whatever.

That’s why we give you fresh ideas for exciting and effective presentation and promotional materials that boost your credibility, engage your audience and get your brand recognized and remembered. (Who needs another humdrum notepad or cheap presentation folder? Boring, right?)

Show you’re a professional

It can be tough to make your sales parties professional, especially in your home. It can feel not so serious. Customers wonder if it’s personal or business. We get that. High-quality, branded presentation and promotional items:

  • Are more professional and credible.
  • Provide a long-lasting message customers take with them.
  • Make the hard work you put into your presentations pay off.

You mean business. So don’t just take notes on a plain pad. Record minutes on a lap board. Don’t just stick papers in a flimsy folder. Offer them in a leather, tabbed or turned-edge binder. Don’t just pass out pens. Give your customers and sellers premium, branded gifts. You get the idea.  

Because of our experience with direct sellers, you’ll get the latest, coolest, most impactful items and get them on time, on budget and with the kind of service and attention usually reserved for the rich and famous. Because of our relationships with vendors, and our independence to shop around, you’ll also get the best deal.

Browse the site, give us a call or contact us and see how we can help you make your direct sales come alive ... ALIVE!