Scott Berry

baby_scottScott Berry was born to promote. It’s in his blood. The power of two generations of promoters flows through his veins. It’s not just his job, it’s who he is. It’s who he was destined to be.    

Growing up in the family business, Lakeshore Loose Leaf, instilled in him the importance of good promotional products and gifts and how they can boost your business. Scott further studied his craft while working with Eskco, the makers of vinyl ring binders and other document holders. His quest to find branding excellence led Scott through promotional tactics that work, through ways that didn't work and, ultimately, to the secret of getting noticed and unlocking your brand's potential.

See through the clutter, open customers’ eyes

xray_glassesScott Berry doesn’t walk … he zips. He doesn’t read … he ingests. He doesn’t browse … he hunts. Need help finding a fun way to promote your business? Got a presentation to make? Need help with a direct mail campaign? He loves solving problems, and won’t stop until he finds the perfect promotional product that your customers can’t ignore. Like a pair of X-ray specs, Scott sees through the clutter, cuts to the chase and zeroes in on the right promotional product for your business. He’ll come up with innovative choices, things you may not have thought of. How does he do it?   He’s got his finger on the pulse of promotions. The guy reads hundreds of catalogs obsessively … even in the bathroom. He crashes trade shows to unearth the latest promotional items and trends and networks with other promotion lovers. He belongs to the DSA (Direct Selling Association). He lives promotions, breathes promotions, even dreams about promotions.  

Get fresh ideas to get noticed

bad_suitjane_millerScott, along with Jane Miller, a steadfast ally and confidante for 10 years, gives you fresh ideas from thousands of unique products — not just the same old stale, boring promotional products. And gifts for parties: The Pampered Chef, Silpada, Thirty-One Gifts, Tastefully Simple, Scentsy and more. All with fast turnaround and on-time — even next-day — response. Fast, unique and within your budget. He gets the best prices because he’s independent and can shop around for the best deal.   Scott’s a perfectionist, obsessive over details to make you look good. He’s as close as you can get to OCD without a clinical diagnosis. Last-minute calls don’t bother him. In fact, he thrives on them.  

So put him to the test. Give us a call or contact us to see how your promotions can sparkle and your presentations can shine.